friday's five fuzzies

since today is friday and 2morro is the "5 times 5 day" of the month, here are five fuzzy pics of a fabulous funky jazz band named Omaha Diner. i saw them in concert last spring at the Jefferson Center (jeffcenter.org). they play original jazz arrangements of number ONE hit songs. their motto is "if it didn't make to #1, we don't play it". the songs they played were surprising and wonderful. they were really great live and now they are doing a FALL TOUR! CHECK THEM OUT!

Find out more:
Omaha Diner - official site
Facebook page
PledgeMusic page
tour dates (Bobby Previte site)
tour dates (Charlie Hunter site)

coming sometime in the future: the in-focus pics of Omaha Diner


NEW and Not-So-New

what's new? what isn't new is me ignoring this blog for a while. sorry blog. sorry to my 3 followers. i've been lax about updating this thang lately. i have stuff to post just not a lot of time to write it out and post it. so, to make up for my lameness, here is something NEW! and also NOT-So-New. i can call it that because these are some of my favorite musicians who have been around for a long time and NOW they have some new music out.

one particular musician i want to feature is dUg Pinnick (wiki / twitter /Google). dUg is the bassist and singer for the great band King's X. i posted about them in one of my very first real post (5/30/2006). even tho King's X have not put out new music since 2008, dUg has stayed busy doing other projects. he released his 4th solo album in 2013 and he is part of 3 NEW BANDS to put out music this year. yes, THREE! and 3 seems to be the optimum number here because all of these groups are Trios, just like King's X.

first up is PPG, or Pinnick, Gales, Pridgen (magna carta). in addition to dUg, the band features well-known glues guitarist Eric Gales (wiki / band / Google) and former Mars Volta drummer Thomas Pridgen (Google). their second album was just released on july 8th. here is the newest video for "every step of the way"...


next there is  KXM (Rat Pak Records) who released their debut album in April. this band is kind of a "super group" of heavy players. it features legendary guitarist George Lynch (official / wiki /Google) from Dokken and Lynch Mob as well as Korn drummer Ray Luzier (official / wiki /Google). their debut album is FREAKING AWESOME! it is my favorite album of 2014 so far. they have already released 2 new videos from the album and are working on another. dUg plays THE PRESIDENT in this video for "gun fight"...


finally, there is Grinder Blues (site / Google ). this project is a collaboration between dUg and the Bihlman Brothers (official / Google), who are blues musicians and Emmy winners for their work on documentary film. while this band has not officially released their album yet, they have finished it. you can hear some of the music on SoundCloud. Megaforce Records should have the album out soon. this video has some snippets of songs that sound really exciting. its a very heavy style of modern blues. word is that they will be touring sometime this year. can't wait for that!


so if you haven't guessed by now, dUg ROCKS!

while all of those projects are great, King's X is still dUG's main band. and the guys have found time to do some shows this summer. here is a fan-shot clip from their show a few weeks ago in Charlotte ......


next post: will it be something new or not-so-new?


fuzzy friday favorite

this fuzzy friday is dedicated to one of my favorite bands, Living Colour. it was a year ago tomorrow nite that i last saw them in concert. it was at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC. here is the a pic from that show that is out of focus and fuzzy. still cool....


saturday nite concert

i'm feeling the need for some in-your-face, loud, heavy music today. so here is a great saturday nite concert from Rage Against The Machine .....



fuzzy bass player friday

this is the last fuzzy friday of the winter. whew! i hate cold weather.

this is a pic that was taken somewhere at a concert. can anyone guess who this bass player is?



saturday nite concert

sometimes when you are stuck at home doing chores on a saturday nite you just need some rock and roll to keep you from going insane. luckily YouTube has lots of FULL CONCERTS to watch. here is a good one that is getting me thru tonite....

learn more about QOTSA HERE


fuzzy friday blues

this fuzzy friday has hint of the blues. this is Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials at the Blue Ridge Blues & BBQ Festival last August 3rd in Roanoke


fuzzy black friday space tonite

today is a fuzzy black friday.  its as fuzzy as friday gets. its as black as space.  deep space.  enuff space to do a funky space dance.  funk + space = Space Capone

in November of 2012, i saw Space Capone ( site / google ) in concert at the Rives Theatre in Martinsville, VA. it was a fun show! i think everyone had a good time. many people were dancing. i took alot of pics that nite. of course many of them were out of focus and fuzzy. so, instead of picking just one, this is a collection of eleven of the funnest fuzziest pics from that nite. i promise to post the good ones someday soon. stay fuzzy...

today is not only Black Friday (wiki), and fuzzy friday, but it is also the day that Space Capone RETURNS to the Rives Theatre! that's right, TONITE is the show! find out all the details HERE (RivesTheatre)

i would LOVE to see Space again, but, unfortunately, i cannot make it to TONITE's show. bummer. is anyone out there going?  if you get to see this concert, feel free to post your review here!