saturday nite concert

i'm feeling the need for some in-your-face, loud, heavy music today. so here is a great saturday nite concert from Rage Against The Machine .....



fuzzy bass player friday

this is the last fuzzy friday of the winter. whew! i hate cold weather.

this is a pic that was taken somewhere at a concert. can anyone guess who this bass player is?



saturday nite concert

sometimes when you are stuck at home doing chores on a saturday nite you just need some rock and roll to keep you from going insane. luckily YouTube has lots of FULL CONCERTS to watch. here is a good one that is getting me thru tonite....

learn more about QOTSA HERE


fuzzy friday blues

this fuzzy friday has hint of the blues. this is Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials at the Blue Ridge Blues & BBQ Festival last August 3rd in Roanoke


fuzzy black friday space tonite

today is a fuzzy black friday.  its as fuzzy as friday gets. its as black as space.  deep space.  enuff space to do a funky space dance.  funk + space = Space Capone

in November of 2012, i saw Space Capone ( site / google ) in concert at the Rives Theatre in Martinsville, VA. it was a fun show! i think everyone had a good time. many people were dancing. i took alot of pics that nite. of course many of them were out of focus and fuzzy. so, instead of picking just one, this is a collection of eleven of the funnest fuzziest pics from that nite. i promise to post the good ones someday soon. stay fuzzy...

today is not only Black Friday (wiki), and fuzzy friday, but it is also the day that Space Capone RETURNS to the Rives Theatre! that's right, TONITE is the show! find out all the details HERE (RivesTheatre)

i would LOVE to see Space again, but, unfortunately, i cannot make it to TONITE's show. bummer. is anyone out there going?  if you get to see this concert, feel free to post your review here!


fuzzy friday

i saw the Reverend earlier this year. and i didn't even go to church. unless it was the holy house of psycho-rock-a-punk-a-billy. this was the Reverend Horton Heat (site). it was a super awesome show! some friends of mine were there and we were up front. the heat near the stage made my camera melt. not really. but it looks that way in this fuzzy friday feature pic. the concert was back in April and i have several good in-focus pics also. i posted some of them already and i will be posting more of them one day soon. not only was the concert great, but i also got to meet the band and talk with them for a bit after the show. i got their autographs on the new DVD i bought at the merch table. the band was great on and off the stage.

the venue was Growler's at Towers Mall in Roanoke, VA. it used to be a branch of Awful Arthur's a few years ago. it was the same place that i saw Kings X, Fishbone, and some other great shows. unfortunately, not long after this show, the place CLOSED DOWN for good. shut down! i guess the HEAT did them in. it looked like a good crowd to me. but i was up front most of the time. here is one of my favorites from that nite...

catch these guys on tour if u can (dates)

coming up: some "new" stuff


fuzzy friday

introducing fuzzy friday....

on fuzzy fridays the fuzzy fotos are just a little bit out of focus but somehow just a little bit cool too. at least i think so. but i'm fuzzy too. and, hey, its FRIDAY! so its time to have some fuzzy fun! i have posted fuzzy stuff before. but this is an attempt at starting a new and fuzzier trend. fuzzy friday's first fuzzy foto full of fun was taken on the first of October at a fine venue in downtown Roanoke, VA. it was an acoustic show with Colin Hay, former lead singer of Men at Work. it was a great show. this is a very bad foto i took of Colin at Kirk Avenue Music Hall...


Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! on this day in the year 1776 the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence to announce that the United States of America would no longer be a colony of the British Empire. the great Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration, effectively telling England: "Fuck Off! We want to be FREE!". the rest, of course, is history.

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